How Do You Make a Homemade HDTV Antenna?


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Make a homemade by attaching eight 17-inch pieces of copper wire, bent at an angle with a 3-inch opening at the end, to a piece of wood, using flat washers and screws. Attach two 34-inch wires bent in a W-shape under the screws, insulating the crossings with electrical tape.

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Build the antenna on a 32-inch board that attaches to a second 6-inch board in a T-shape after connecting the wires to create a stand. Connect an impedance matching transformer to the center set of screws to connect to coaxial cable. Non-digital enhanced televisions require a converter box to receive digital signals.

A second option is building an antenna from scrap cardboard and aluminum foil. Users of these homemade antennas claim they get better reception with the versions they make at home than from the retail versions that cost $50 or more.

Building an antenna is becoming increasingly popular in 2015 as consumers choose to eliminate cable television costs. If the signal comes in using digital signals, the picture is perfectly clear. Additionally, the number of stations available with digital signals is larger than before. However, how well the digital antenna works ultimately depends on the distance from the transmitter antenna.

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