How Do You Make a Histogram on Microsoft Excel?


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Make a histogram in Microsoft Excel by using the Histogram tool, which is part of the Analysis ToolPak. As of 2015, the Analysis ToolPak is included in a recent version of Excel, but previous versions require the user to download the add-in, which can typically be done from the Options menu under the File tab.

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Once the Analysis ToolPak is installed, create a histogram by organize the appropriate data into two columns on a single worksheet. These columns must contain input data and bin numbers. In the first column, include the input data, which is the data that you want to use to produce a histogram. In the second column, include the bin numbers. These are the numbers that represent the intervals that you want the Histogram tool to use to measure the input data for data analysis.

Once the data is prepared, navigate to the Data tab, and select Data Analysis from the Analysis group. In the dialogue box that pops up, select the Histogram option. Enter the appropriate ranges for input data range and bin number range, and select the OK button. The output of the histogram analysis is displayed on a new worksheet and shows both a histogram table with the selected data embedded in it.

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