How Do You Make a Heart on Facebook?


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To make a heart on Facebook, press the left chevron or angled bracket key on your keyboard, then press the number 3. An animated heart appears on your screen. You can then include this heart in your Facebook post or private message.

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  1. Put your cursor in the text field

    Decide where to add your emoticon heart. Put your cursor in the correct text field on Facebook, either on someone's wall or in a private message.

  2. Press the chevron key

    Find the left chevron or angled bracket key on your computer's keyboard. The symbol appears as "<" and is located to the right of the "M" key. Press this key to form the bottom point of the heart emoticon.

  3. Press the number 3

    Press the key with a number 3 on it. Use either the numeric key above the alphabet on your keyboard or the key located in your keyboard's numeric keypad. This forms the curved top of your heart emoticon.

  4. Press the Enter key

    Press Enter. This action completes your emoticon and adds it to your post. This action also finalizes your wall post or sends your private message, so be sure you've completed your entire message before pressing this key.

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