How Do You Make a Group on Facebook?

How Do You Make a Group on Facebook?

Making a Facebook group requires logging into your Facebook account, then clicking on the Groups link on your homepage. Click on the Create New Group button, and fill in the details to complete the process.

  1. Log into your Facebook account

    From a computer, log into your Facebook account. Make sure that you are looking at your homepage. If you are not sure that the window is showing your homepage, click on the small Facebook icon on the upper left corner of the Facebook window.

  2. Find and click on the Groups button

    Scroll down your homepage to search for the Groups link. As of 2014, it is located on the left menu panel. Hover your mouse over the Groups title so you can see the More link. Click the Groups title.

  3. Create a Facebook group

    Click on the green Create Group button located on the upper-right of the Facebook window. A smaller window appears. Click on the empty box next to the Group Name phrase, and type in the group's name. Add members by choosing from your friends list or inviting people to join your group by email. Choose whether you want your group to be public, secret or simply searchable. Once you are done with the details, click on Create to finish the process.