How Do You Make a Graph Using Microsoft Excel?

make-graph-using-microsoft-excel Credit: John Lamb/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To create a graph in Microsoft Excel, you must first input your data into the worksheet, then highlight it, and finally insert a chart by clicking the Insert button at the top of the window. You have a number of different options to help you format your chart.

When inputting your data, remember that the columns are vertical and the rows are horizontal. This influences the layout and result of your chart. Once you have entered the data, highlight everything you want included in the graph before you click the Insert button.

Once you've clicked the Insert button, click on the Chart option. This gives you a number of choices as to the type of chart you want to create, depending on the version of Microsoft Excel you are using. Select the one you wish to create.

Once Excel creates the chart, you can change the labels as necessary. At the top of the chart is the title. This tells your audience what the table is about. You can also change the labels for the x-axis, the y-axis, and the different sections of your chart or graph. If you have a newer version of Excel, you can also change the colors and design of the chart.