How Do You Make Google Chrome Your Default Browser?

How Do You Make Google Chrome Your Default Browser?

Make Google Chrome your default browser by accessing your browser settings. Navigate to Default Browser, found at the bottom of the Settings page. Select the button that reads, "Make Google Chrome the Default Browser."

  1. Open the browser

    Launch Google Chrome by clicking its icon on the desktop screen. Alternatively, access Google Chrome via the Start Menu: select All Programs then Google Chrome.

  2. Click on the main menu icon

    Open the main menu drop down box, identified by three horizontal bars found in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser. Generally, this icon is directly below the "X" button or to the right of the URL field. Alternatively, access the Settings folder by typing "chrome://settings/" in the URL text box.

  3. Select the Settings option

    Locate the Settings option in the main menu. Depending on your settings, a new tab or window is opened. If not already selected, click on Settings on the left hand side of the screen.

  4. Scroll to the appropriate section

    Scroll down the Settings page to locate the Default Browser section.

  5. Click to change default browser

    Select "Make Google Chrome my default browser" button. Once selected, button text changes to "The default browser is currently Google Chrome." If this text already appears, Google Chrome is already your default browser. Therefore, no further action is needed.