How Do You Make a Font Size Larger?

How Do You Make a Font Size Larger?

To make a font size larger in Windows 7, go to the Control Panel, and open the Ease of Access settings window. Change the size by selecting one of the three options available. Once you apply the changes, log off, and log back in to finalize the process.

  1. Open the Ease of Access Center

    Click on the Start button, and select the Control Panel option. Click on the Ease of Access link, and select the Ease of Access Center option. If the Control Panel elements are displayed as icons, click on Ease of Access Center immediately.

  2. Increase the font size

    Scroll down to the Settings section, and click on the Make the Computer Easier to See link. Navigate to the section labeled Make Things on the Screen Larger, and click on the Change the Size of Text and Icons link. Select either the Medium or Larger option, and click on Apply. If you want to use a specific value, click on the Set Custom Text Size link, type in the desired value, and click on OK.

  3. Log off

    Click on the Start button, and click on the arrow next to the Shut Down button. Select the Log Off option, and wait for the background processes to shut down

  4. Log back in

    Click on the icon representing your user account, and type in the password if necessary. Repeat the process if you wish to modify the font size again.