How Do You Make Folders on Your IPad?


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To create folders on your iPad's desktop, first decide what apps to categorize together. Hold down one app to enable the folder creation interface, and drag one icon onto another to create the folder. Name the folder, and add additional apps to it.

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  1. Decide what applications to combine

    Choose at least two apps to group together.

  2. Enable the folder creation interface

    Tap and hold down one of the apps you wish to group. Wait for all of the apps to wiggle once you activate the folder creation interface.

  3. Create the folder

    Drag and drop the selected app onto another app to create the folder.

  4. Rename the folder

    Once you make the folder, a default name appears at the top of the screen. Tap the folder, and enter a name that describes the apps stored inside it.

  5. Save and locate the folder

    Tap the Home button on your iPad to save the folder. Look on your desktop to find the new folder.

  6. Add more apps to the folder

    If you want to add more than two apps to the folder, repeat the process with more applications. Each folder can hold up to 20 apps, and the iPad can hold 180 folders.

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