How Do You Make a Folder?

How Do You Make a Folder?

To create a folder on a Windows computer, choose where you want the folder to be stored in your computer, right-click your mouse, go to New, select Folder, and then provide a name for the folder. This process takes less than one minute.

  1. Choose the destination of the folder

    If you want to store the folder on the hard disk of your computer, click Start on the Windows taskbar, go to My Computer, and then select Local Disc (C:). This procedure opens the current files and programs stored in your computer.

  2. Create the folder

    To create the folder in the selected destination, click anywhere on it to activate the open window. Right-click your mouse to open a new shortcut menu, and then move the cursor over the New option to open another menu. Click the Folder option in the new menu to create the folder.

  3. Provide a name for the folder

    To name the folder, right-click on it to open a shortcut menu, and select the Rename option. Type the name of the new folder, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. To confirm whether the folder has been successfully created, drag any file into the folder, close the window, and reopen it. The selected file should appear in the new folder.