How Do You Make a Flipagram Online?

How Do You Make a Flipagram Online?

Flipagram is a mobile phone application available for iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones, and the company does not offer the ability to make a Flipagram video online from a computer, according to Flipagram's website. To create a video similar to a Flipagram on a computer, try Kizoa, Animoto or Stupeflix.

To make a Flipagram on a mobile device, first download the application from the application store. Open the application, and click the start button after the application loads. Ensure that the phone is set to allow Flipagram to access your photos in your phone's settings.

Once the application is fully loaded, select the photos desired for the video. A blue frame appears around the photos selected. Select the check mark at the top right of the application to proceed once the desired photos are selected.

The next page is a review of the photos that have been selected and allows the user to delete photos or add additional photos. Once satisfied, click the forward arrow at the top right of the application to continue, and advise Flipagram if you want the photos to appear in order from oldest to newest, newest to oldest or shuffled randomly.

Next, select the desired music snippet for the video. Note, the free snippet is only 30 seconds long, but the full song can be purchased through the Flipagram application. Select the timing of the slides after the song has been selected, add a title, and complete the Flipagram.

Note that the process for online applications such as Kizoa, Animoto and Stupeflix is very similar to Flipagram's mobile device application and results in similar final products that can be shared on social media.