How Do You Make a Facebook Account?

How Do You Make a Facebook Account?

To make a Facebook account, go to the Facebook homepage, fill out the account sign up form, and submit the information to Facebook for verification. When your contact information is verified by Facebook, you can log on and edit your new Facebook account.

  1. Visit the Facebook homepage

    Open your Web browser, and visit the Facebook homepage at

  2. Fill out the account sign up form

    The account sign up form is located on the Facebook homepage. Fill out the form by inputting your personal information and contact information. Your first and last name is required, along with a valid email address or phone number, a password, your birth date and your gender.

  3. Submit the account sign up form to Facebook for verification

    Once you fill out the account sign up form, click the Sign Up button to submit it to Facebook for verification. Facebook sends an email or a text message to the email address or phone number you provided in order to confirm your personal information.

  4. Confirm your contact information

    Confirm your information in order to complete the verification process. Once the verification is complete, log into Facebook to access your account and begin editing the information on your profile.