How Do You Make an Ethernet Cable?

How Do You Make an Ethernet Cable?

To make an Ethernet cable, cut a length of cable, strip the jacket from both ends, spread apart the wire pairs, untwist them, trim the wires, insert each end into a modular connector, and secure the connectors with a crimping tool. When finished, test each end with a cable tester.

  1. Gather your supplies

    To make an Ethernet cable, you need unshielded twisted pair (UTP) patch cable, two 8P8C plugs, which are the modular connectors, and a crimping tool. If you want to test your cable, you also need a cable tester.

  2. Prepare the cable

    Cut a section of cable to the desired length. Strip off 1 1/2 inches of the cable jacket from both ends of the cable.

  3. Arrange the wires

    Spread out the four pairs of wire, and untwist each of the pairs. Align the colors according to the standard T568B orientation. The first wire is white/orange, the second is orange, the third is white/green, the fourth is blue, the fifth is white/blue, the sixth is green, the seventh is white/brown and the eighth is brown. Cut the wires down to a half-inch from the jacket.

  4. Add the modular connectors

    The modular connectors have eight pins. Insert the wires into the connector, passing through the corresponding guides. If the latching tab is facing up, the first pin is on the left, and the white/orange wire goes into this spot.

  5. Secure the modular connectors

    Insert the connector into the crimping tool and squeeze down on the handle.