How Do You Make Emoticons on Facebook?


To make an emoticon on Facebook in a status update, select the happy face icon. Then, select the Feeling menu, and click on an emoticon to add it to your status update.

  1. Click in the status update box

    Log in to Facebook. Click in the status update box at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the happy face icon

    In the menu that appears after clicking in the status update box, click on the tiny happy face icon. It is at the bottom of the status update box next to the camera icon.

  3. Select the Feelings menu

    After clicking on the happy face icon, a menu appears with options for feelings and a variety of activities. Each submenu has icons for that activity. Click on the Feelings menu to find the emoticons.

  4. Click on a emoticon

    After clicking on the Feelings option, a drop-down menu of emoticons appears. Click on any of the emoticons to add it to your status update. If you do not see the one you want, click the Add Your Own option. Then, type any word referring to a particular emotion to narrow the list down to related emoticons. After you insert an emoticon in your status update, add any other text you want.