How Do You Make Custom Awards and Medals?

Visit a site such as Crown Awards to design custom awards and medals. The site allows users to create customized diecast, insert and printed medals as well as plaques and corporate awards.

Using Crown Awards is quick and easy and it is the largest awards manufacturer in the United States. Follow the steps below to create a custom medal.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Visit the Crown Awards website and select the type of medal on the left side of the page.

  3. Select a size
  4. Choose a size for the medal by clicking its corresponding box.

  5. Add a logo
  6. Add a pre-designed logo or choose "No, Please Help Me design Art."

  7. Choose a finish
  8. Choose a finish from gold, silver, bronze or black.

  9. Pick a finish
  10. Choose a finish from antiqued or polished.

  11. Add colorfill, if desired
  12. Add colorfill if desired. If not, click "No Color."

  13. Add a ribbon
  14. Add a ribbon from options such as sateen, black and orange or light blue.

  15. Choose the engraving
  16. Choose the engraving from options such as gold, silver or bronze.

  17. Choose a presentation box
  18. Choose a presentation box, envelope or stand.

  19. Complete the order
  20. Complete the order by adding a quantity and clicking "Add to Cart."

Creating an award using Crown Awards is just as easy as creating medals.

  1. Choose an award type
  2. Choose an award from Crown Awards selection. Choices include plaques, acrylic awards, globes and stars.

  3. Choose the size
  4. Choose the size of the award by clicking its corresponding box.

  5. Select the activity
  6. Select the activity the award represents.

  7. Choose a presentation case, if desired
  8. Select a presentation case ranging from a gift bag or a solid plastic or wood case.

  9. Select a quantity
  10. Select a quantity and click "Continue to Engraving Engine."

  11. Fill in the required information
  12. Fill in information such as the recipient's name and choose the font size and style. When finished, click "Add to Cart."

  13. Complete the purchase
  14. Complete the purchase by entering in the payment and shipping information.