How Do You Make Comparisons of Processor Performance?


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Compare processor performance based on benchmark test data featured on websites such as CPUBenchmark.net and CPU.UserBenchmark.com. Benchmark test data on these websites are based on all the factors that determine a processor's performance, including the clock speed, quantity and speed of cache memory, number of cores, and technologies integral to the processor's design, such as hyperthreading and pipelining.

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CPUBenchmark.net features comparisons of various Intel and AMD processors on charts built around particular processor categories, such as the High to Mid Range CPU chart, Low to Mid Range CPU chart, Best Value CPU Chart On Sale chart, Overclocked CPU chart and Systems with Multiple CPUs chart. This website also offers benchmark test data for other computer components such as video cards, hard drives and memory, all of which affect overall computer performance.

At CPU.UserBenchmark.com, click the Compare tab near the top-right of the main page to compare the performance of two processors of your choice. Click the SC Mixed tab above a list of ranked processors to compare the processors based on the single core mixed speed, a measure most suitable for processors used in computers used by consumers. Click the MC Mixed tab to rank processors based on their suitability in high-end applications such as servers.

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