How Do You Make Century Link Your Home Page?

How Do You Make Century Link Your Home Page?

Change your home page to Century Link's main website by starting with your preferred Internet browser's Tools, Options, Settings or a similar menu. The process differs depending on whether the browser is Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and then select Internet Options in the drop-down menu. In the Home Page section that appears, enter "" as the address, and then click OK to apply the change.

Inside Chrome, select the wrench icon or the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right, and then select Settings or Options, depending on which version of the browser is installed. Look for the On Startup section, and then select the Open This Page option. Type in "" for the startup page, and becomes the default page that Chrome opens whenever it starts up.

For Firefox, select the Firefox menu icon in the upper left, click Options, and then select Options again. In the new window that appears, open the Startup section, and type "" into the Home Page field. When finished, click OK to apply the settings change.

Using as your home page brings you to the main webpage for Century Link customers. This page prompts visitors to choose the site for home users or businesses as of 2015. Resellers must use Century Link's wholesale website.