How Do You Make a Booklet Using Microsoft Word?

How Do You Make a Booklet Using Microsoft Word?

To make a booklet using Microsoft Word, go into Page Layout, then Page Setup and select the Book Fold option at Multiple Pages, found under Pages. When creating the booklet, keep in mind that each page on the screen represents two pages in the booklet.

The built-in options in Microsoft Word make it easy to create booklets. Changing just a few parameters results in a professional product.

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Open the program on the computer and select New Document. It is easiest to start with a blank page rather than to attempt to format an existing document.

  3. Open up the Page Setup dialogue
  4. Users can find the Page Setup information on the Page Layout tab. Clicking Page Setup brings a pop-up box, enabling different settings to be selected.

  5. Create the booklet specifications
  6. The default margins are one inch. To open up more printing space, manually decrease the top, bottom, inside and outside margins to at least 0.5 inches. The gutter margin should be 0.25 inches. From the drop down box at Multiple Pages, select Booklet. Under Sheets per Booklet, select the number of pages in the booklet. If unknown, select Auto, and click OK to complete.

  7. Type the information and print
  8. Return to the document and type the copy for the booklet. Proofread and make any corrections. Make sure the printer is set up to print on both sides of a page, then click Print and OK to begin printing the booklet.