How Do I Make AOL My Home Page?

How Do I Make AOL My Home Page?

By opening the options menu of a Web browser, numerous settings can be altered, including the homepage. As an AOL user, it is convenient to have AOL as a homepage to access account information, news and more.

  1. Open the Options menu of the Web browser

    Click on Tools, or press the keyboard shortcut "Alt + T". Then, click on the Options menu.

  2. Enter the desired URL into the address bar in the Options menu

    In every browser, there is an option to set the homepage, or the page that shows when the program opens. If the page is already bookmarked to an account, click the Use Bookmark or similar button, and select the AOL account page. Otherwise, type "" into the address window.

  3. Apply changes

    Save the changes by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom of the options menu. The new homepage takes effect the next time the browser is opened or when the home button is clicked in the browser.

  4. Test the home page

    Click the Home button in the browser. Frequently, this is represented by a house-shaped icon in the top menu bar. Alternatively, close and re-open the browser to determine where it goes. If done correctly, the AOL homepage should load.