How Do You Make AOL the Home Page in a Browser?


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The quickest way to make AOL the home page in a web browser is to go to aol.com and click on the link on the right hand side titled "Make AOL my home page." There are options to add AOL to a browser, as well as detailed instructions. It is also possible to add it manually though the browser's settings tab.

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  • Internet Explorer
  • To make AOL the home page in Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options." If there is no "Tools" option, press the Alt key to make it appear. When in "Internet Options," the first tab is "General," and the first option in that tab is for the home page. Enter "http://aol.com" into this box.

  • Google Chrome
  • In Google Chrome, click on the three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen. Select "Settings" and then look for the section that says "On Start Up." Click "Set Pages" and enter "http://aol.com." Finally, click "OK."

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • In Firefox, click on the Menu drop down then go to "Options" and then "Options" again. Go to the Startup section in this window and select the option that says: "When Firefox starts: Show my home page." Then, in the field for the home page, type "http://aol.com." Click "OK" and exit from the options window.

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