How Do You Make Animated GIFs Using Photoshop?

How Do You Make Animated GIFs Using Photoshop?

Create an animated GIF using the import and export options in Photoshop. You can import both video and image sequences to make and save a GIF for use on the Web. To create a GIF, you need a video or image sequence and Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.

  1. Find an image sequence or video

    Upload or download a video to your desktop. Alternatively, locate an image sequence from the Web for use as a GIF. You can also render a video to an image sequence using Adobe After Effects or free video editing software.

  2. Import the video or images

    Open Adobe Photoshop. To import a video file, click File, then Import, then Video Frames to Layers. Select your video from the desktop. Use the sliders to crop a segment of the video for use as a GIF. Choosing shorter clips results in smaller file sizes. To import an image sequence, click File, then Scripts, then Load Files into Stack. Click Browse, and select your images. Click OK. Make sure the first image in your sequence is at the bottom of the layers. Arrange them accordingly.

  3. Export as a GIF

    For video, click File and Save for Web. Select GIF from the drop-down list, and adjust the image size and other settings to your liking. Click Save. For images, open the Timeline from the Window tab. Select Create Frame Animation. Click on the small arrow, and select Make Frames from Layers. Set the loop to Forever, and export the animation as a GIF.