What Are Some of the Major Brands Available on the Dermstore Website?

What Are Some of the Major Brands Available on the Dermstore Website?

The DermStore website features major brands such as SkinCeuticals, Eminence, Avene, Obagi and Bio-Oil, as of 2015. Other brands on DermStore.com include Dermalogica, EltaMD, Janson Beckett, Mederma and Yes To.

DermStore is an online store that sells professional dermatology products, cosmetics, skin care, hair care and body treatment products. The store offers moisturizers, exfoliators, shampoos, fragrances and body lotions. The SkinCeuticals brand offers anti-aging solutions, broad-spectrum sunscreens, topical vitamin C products, cleansing gels and alpha hydroxy acids.

SkinCeuticals Emollience is a restorative moisturizer for normal and dry skin. Emollience is a unisex product that regulates dry and aging skin. It contains marine extracts, exclusive lipids, vitamin B5, mango seed butter and lavender. The formula works as a daily facial moisturizer and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

Avene offers a wide range of softening and healing formulations made with thermal spring water from Avene, France. Avene Retrinal 0.1 intensive cream is an anti-aging moisturizer that prevents appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The formula contains relastide, a pro-elastin peptide that restores the firmness and tone of the skin. The formula's vitamin E protects the skin from the damaging effects of sun rays.

Eminence is an organic skin care line that offers serums, fragrant cleansers, eye creams, moisturizers and gel wash. The formulations offer essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.