What Are the Main Rules of Flappy Bird?


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The only rule in the Flappy Bird video game is that the player must prevent Flappy Bird from making contact with anything. This is achieved by tapping the screen to make Flappy Bird fly. Once the Flappy Bird flies into any object in the game, the game is over.

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There are ways to make the game easier. Playing Flappy Bird on a device with a large screen such as an iPad helps increase visibility. Being strategic with tapping the screen can help too. Right-handed players can accidentally obscure the view of upcoming obstacles with their own fingers unless they tap only in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Using a stylus also helps prevent fingers from obscuring the screen.

Serious Flappy Bird players may want to set their phone to do not disturb. If a call or message is received during the middle of playing Flappy Bird, or if an alarm goes off, the Flappy Bird game is interrupted. This can make it difficult to seamlessly return to play, resulting in premature deaths. If the phone is set to do not disturb, the player cannot be interrupted by their phone, avoiding unnecessary early deaths, but also risking missing important calls, messages or alarms.

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