What Are the Main Features of Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP has features that include a user interface with simplified WebViews, a software-based firewall to protect against security threats on the Internet, fast user switching and support for Direct X version 8.0 for gaming. The operating system comes in two flavors: Home Edition and Professional. Home Edition's targeted audience is home users, while Professional's targeted audience is corporate users.

Windows XP Professional has advanced and business features that Home Edition doesn't have, in the areas of corporate management, corporate security, networking and user interface, to name a few. For example, in Professional, it's still possible to work with documents after disconnecting from the network. The offline files and folders that are needed must be specified. With the remote desktop feature in Professional, a virtual session can be set up. That is, the data and applications from one computer can be accessed from another computer that's connected to the user's machine through the network.

The products do have some overlapping features. The Guest Logon, which enables users to log on as a guest; the capability to move the taskbar; and the QuickLaunch bar are all key features common to both versions. It must be noted that Microsoft officially ended support of Windows XP in April of 2014.