What Are the Main Features of a Free Virtual DJ Mixer?


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Though the specific aspects may vary between programs, the main features of free virtual DJ mixing programs typically include an interface for importing one or more audio tracks and manipulating their speed, pitch and playback. The software may also include options to create custom sounds and make loops of different audio samples.

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Free virtual DJ mixing programs typically mirror the basic tools of a physical DJ mixing station, which include the ability to modify musical tracks while playing back the outcome live. Some programs feature a digital recreation of a turntable and sound deck that includes the various knobs, dials and switches to control the tracks, while others provide a separate interface that correlates directly to each effect. The programs often allow users to click on a specific section of the tool to upload each track. From here, the user is able to control which track plays and modify the speed and sound of each.

Some programs also include digital song creation options, wherein the user is able to create new tracks using a preset library of samples or her own custom sounds. These programs often contain the functionality to manipulate the individual tracks within the new song, adjusting the pitch and key or adding effects such as echo and reverb. Certain free tools may not allow the user to save the final track or share it to an external site, or they may only allow these options for a limited sample duration.

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