What Are the Main Features of Microsoft Windows Phone 8?


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Windows Phone 8 has several features including a variety of camera functions, connectivity across all your Microsoft devices and several customization options. It even offers a personal assistant that helps you make the most of this revolutionary mobile operating system.

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Windows Phone 8 offers customization options that allow the user to personalize their mobile device to meet their specific needs. Users can determine what content is displayed on the Start screen, its color scheme and how it is arranged. Users can pin multiple items to the Start screen, including apps, music, photo galleries, contact lists and even social media timeline posts which update in real time.

Windows Phone 8 also comes with the Microsoft Camera app. This allows your phone to function as both a camera and a video recorder, with a variety of editing features. Perhaps the most notable among these is the Burst mode. This lets the user take pictures in controlled bursts, resulting in several pictures from which to choose after a shot is taken. This is ideal for motion shots, as the user can select the best from a series, rather than relying on multiple attempts to get the perfect picture.

Cortana is a feature that acts as the user's personal assistant. Powered by Bing, Cortana gathers information about the user and assist the user in various ways based on this information. Cortana is voice activated and can answer questions, remind the user of appointments and meetings, warn against potential delays in traffic or inclement weather, and even suggest activities based on schedule and geographic location.

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