What Are the Main Differences Between Android Tablets and IPads?

What Are the Main Differences Between Android Tablets and IPads?

The iPad and Android tablets differ in their operating systems, number of applications that can be accessed, size and price. Android tablets allow users to use widgets for accessing information and to multitask.

The iPads by Apple run on the iOS mobile operating system, whereas Android tablets use Google's Android mobile operating system. Both iPad and Android users have access to over a million applications, although Apple uses its App Store and Android uses Google Play.

The normal screen size of iPads is just less than 8 or 10 inches diagonally. Android tablets are made in 7-, 8- and 10-inch sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, iPads have a storage capacity of 16, 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes, whereas the storage capacity of Android tablets differs between manufacturers. Also, while iPads do not allow the addition of extra storage devices, some tablets offer this option via an SD card.

Android tablets use widgets, which make accessing different kinds of information quicker. On iPads, users must select and open each application individually to access information. An iPad only allows users to switch from one application to the other, whereas on an Android tablet, they can open several applications and tabs simultaneously.

Finally, Android tablets are slightly cheaper than iPads, depending on the features and model selected.