How Do You Do a Mail Merge?

How Do You Do a Mail Merge?

To perform a mail merge, create the base document, choose the fields you want in the merge, build your recipient list, and put the fields into the document before merging the recipient information into the base document. The process varies somewhat by word processing software but is fundamentally similar.

  1. Set up the base document for the merge

    Decide whether you need to use labels or envelopes. Follow the directions in the word processor to set up that document, leaving room for the information fields.

  2. Choose the information fields and build the recipient list

    Decide what you need to go into the mail merge. Typical information includes the recipient's name, mailing address, city, state and ZIP code, as well as first name for the greeting. Use the word processor to set up the database that contains the information. Assign each information field to a specific column, and enter the information for your recipients.

  3. Insert the information fields into the document, and complete the merge

    Under the menu of mail merge options, locate "Insert Merge Field." Choose this, and follow the directions for setting the fields into your document. Preview the layout of the document, and then use the mouse to indicate that you are ready to start the merge.