What Are Some Mac Shortcut Keys?

What Are Some Mac Shortcut Keys?

Some keyboard shortcuts for Macs include Command+X for cutting an item, Command+C for copying and Command+V for pasting content from the clipboard. If a keyboard has special keys for specific functions such as adjusting brightness, users combine them with the Fn key.

Keyboard shortcuts have different results in different applications; shortcuts that work in one application may not work in another. For a shortcut to work, the user must hold down the modifier keys while pressing the other keys. If the keyboard being used with the Mac was manufactured for a Windows PC, users should substitute the Option key with the Alt key and the Command key with the Windows logo key.

While in a window, Command+A selects all the items, Command+F enables the search feature in a window or a document, and Command+H hides the windows of the active application. Command+Option+H, on the other hand, views the windows of the front application while hiding all the other applications.

Command+Q quits the active application, while Command+Tab cycles between active applications.

Some document shortcuts include Command+I to turn the italics feature on or off, Command+U to turn the underlining feature on or off, and Command+B to turn bold type on or off.