How Do You Find a Lost IPod?


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To find a lost iPod, sign in to icloud, open your Find My iPhone account, view the location of the iPod, and then follow the green dot to track its physical location. For this to work, you must have activated a Find My iPhone account on the iPod.

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  1. Sign in to icloud

    Go to the official website of icloud on your Internet browser, and sign in with the details that you provided when activating the Find My iPhone account on the lost iPod. Check the map displayed on your screen to view the current location of the iPod. If it has been switched off, the map shows the last location when it was still on.

  2. Communicate with the iPod

    Send a sound to the device if it is still on and located around you. Click Play Sound to identify the location of the lost iPod by the sound it plays after the command. This process is effective especially when you know where the iPod is, but someone denies it.

  3. Track the lost iPod to its physical location

    If you are convinced that the device is lost, click Lost Mode on the icloud menu, enter a 4-digit code to lock the device, then click Done. This prevents the current user from accessing your private information. Follow the green dot on the map to locate the physical location of the lost iPod.

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