How Does Lookout Work to Help Locate Your Phone?


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Lookout works to help locate a person's phone by determining its location using GPS, which has the ability to find a phone within 165 feet. If this is not possible, Lookout will use cellphone towers or Wi-Fi connection to determine a phone's location. Lookout Mobile Security is a mobile application available on iOS and Android.

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Lookout will first try to locate a phone with GPS. GPS accuracy can be affected by several factors, such as the line of sight to the sky, the phone's battery power, building materials and number of satellites available. If using GPS does not work, Lookout will next try cell phone towers, which can narrow the phone's location to approximately 3,280 feet. Lookout may also try to locate the phone using its Wi-Fi connection. GPS, cellular and wireless data will be used on iPhones while Android phones will be located primarily using GPS.

Lookout offers several other features in addition to the phone locator. If the phone is lost or stolen, the owner can lock or wipe it clean using the Lookout app. The app can protect the phone from threats, including malware and spyware. Users can also schedule automatic data backups and review what data is being accessed by a particular app.

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