What Is My Lookout Mobile Security?

What Is My Lookout Mobile Security?

My Lookout mobile security is an online and digital security application for smart phones. Lookout is available from Google play and App Store.

Lookout provides two versions of its software: for Android and for iOS. The software is developed to ensure protection from theft of personal data from customers' mobile devices.

Smart phones are connected to the Internet and thus are vulnerable to attacks when users surf the web or send emails. Furthermore, doctored ads present a threat to Android owners. These malicious banners can install spyware on the smart phones. Another way hackers can get into a phone is by creating malicious updates for free applications and games they created and the Android users downloaded. These updates happen automatically and infect the phone.

Lookout technology operates in the cloud. It assesses possible attacks on smart phones by analyzing the activity of usual suspects, in addition to code and application performance. Included in the functionality of Lookout is a possibility of recovering the smart phone in case it has been lost or stolen. Moreover, Lookout issues digital theft alerts.

An additional feature of Lookout is backing up all of the data or selected information on an Android device to Lookout Mobile's server. In case of wiping or repairing the device, users can restore data from the server.