How Do You Look up the Barcode of an Item?


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You can look up an item's bar code by visiting UPC-Search.org if it's a UPC bar code and EAN-Search.org for an EAN bar code. Both websites offer free bar code searches but limit the amount of queries you can do.

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To look up a UPC bar code, visit UPC-Search.org and type your 12-digit bar code in the search box. The website provides detailed information linked to the UPC, such as the manufacturer, type of product or weight. Its database has more than 10 million entries.

For an EAN lookup, visit EAN-Search.org and enter the 13-digit bar code into the search box. The results provide information about a product's country of origin, manufacturer and product number. The database contains more than 78 million entries.

Both of these lookup services have incomplete databases due to the large number of products available around the world, so you might have to use multiple databases from other websites. If you have an image of the bar code on your mobile phone or computer, you can upload it to Online-Barcode-Reader.com. The website will try and decode the image using its bar code image processing library and then deliver the result in text, image or XML format.

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