How Do I Look at My Pictures on Media Mail With Boost Mobile?

According to Boost Mobile, users can no longer access their photos and messages via Media Mail as the service was discontinued on April 30, 2014. Depending upon the type of phone a person is using, an upgrade may be needed to be able to send Multi-Media Messages (MMS).

Boost Mobile discontinued the Media Mail service, resulting in some older mobile phones becoming unable to send messages with audio or photos attached. Users with these types of phone must upgrade to a CDMA series phone with that carrier. The phones affected are:


Motorola C290

Motorola w385 "Jefferson"

Motorola KRZR

Sanyo 2700 (Pink and Blue)

Sanyo 3810 "Mirro"

Samsung Rant

The technology used to send photos and audio with messages in this way is outdated, and most newer phones already incorporate MMS messaging. Although the phones affected cannot send audio and video online, some still allow users to send them through email.

Boost is not the only mobile phone carrier to do away with this type of service. Sprint also decommissioned their "Picture Mail" service, citing the growing use of smart phone technology for making the service obsolete. Any pictures remaining on the phone may still be retrieved if the phone supports email with photo attachment, and some may be connected directly to a computer to upload the photos.