How Does a Lojack Car Tracker Work?


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The LowJack Stolen-Vehicle Recovery System is an aftermarket vehicle-protection device that silently transmits radio signals to law enforcement if an automobile is stolen. The LoJack device connects to the car battery and uses an additional internal battery as a power source when the vehicle is switched off.

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When a vehicle owner contacts law enforcement to report that a LoJack-equipped vehicle is missing, law enforcement officials switch the consumer's LoJack transceiver on. The LowJack transceiver silently emits near-VHF-frequency radio waves, which officials use to track and recover the vehicle.

Certified LoJack technicians install LoJack devices, which are very small, in consumers' vehicles, hiding them where they are not readily visible to thieves. LoJack recommends that customers have their systems checked every two years to ensure proper operation.

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