What Is LogMeIn Rescue?


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LogMeIn Rescue is a service that allows computer companies to help customers by remote-accessing machines. The software also includes a technician interface to manage support calls and an administrator interface to set system-wide preferences and track activity across the network of support.

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Sold and operated by LogMeIn, Rescue has become an industry standard for remote customer service. A technician gets a support request from a customer and can initiate a chat session or join a session that the customer has set up. Technicians can control the customer's computer, restart the machine and send and receive files.

From a standard PC or laptop, the customer sees a small "applet" that looks like a chat window. It is the software that allows the remote control session. Customers can choose to give the technician access to their system, send files to the technician or close the session at any time. The applet uninstalls itself once it is no longer needed. A new technology called "Rescue Lens" allows a user to point a mobile phone or tablet camera at a device (such as a monitor or an SLR camera) and see the "whiteboard" annotations drawn by customer support. In this way, Rescue can facilitate support for basically any software or hardware, even if it cannot run the Rescue applet.

Companies that use the Rescue system will also control the Rescue Administration Center. From this screen, an administrator can create groups of technicians and manage which calls are handled by which groups. They can also see how well technicians are performing. When customers leave approval ratings at the end of a session, administrators can review these reviews from the Admin Center.

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