How Do You Log Into Renaissance Place Accelerated Reader?

How Do You Log Into Renaissance Place Accelerated Reader?

To log into Renaissance Place's Accelerated Reader, students, teachers and administrators first navigate to the Renaissance Place log-in screen and click on a role. They then enter their user names and passwords and click on the log-in button.

Help is provided to recover lost user names and passwords. To retrieve a lost password, individuals need to know their user names. To retrieve lost user names, they need to know which email addresses they linked to the user names.

The Accelerated Reader program allows students and teachers to work together in selecting reading materials at a reading level targeted to their ranked reading level. The program also assesses their reading comprehension of those materials.

Accelerated Reader books are ranked with grade levels, and a student is asked to select a book within a level instead of all students in a class reading the same book. Once the student completes a book, he logs into Renaissance Place and takes a short quiz to determine what he has retained.

Initial ranking of a student's reading level is done in three different ways: using an STAR Reading test, taking some other form of standardized test that offers a grade level rank or through the teacher working with the student and making a professional appraisal.