How Do You Log in to a D-Link Wireless Router?


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To begin the login process for your D-Link router, navigate to the router's IP address in a Web browser. At the login screen, enter the administrator user name and password to gain access to the router's Web-based configuration utility.

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Most D-Link routers default to an IP address of; however, use the router's actual IP address if the router's address has been changed from this default. The default administrator user name is "admin" as well as the default password. If you have forgotten the router's password, it may be necessary to reset the router to default settings to gain access. Most D-Link routers have a reset button that can be activated with a small object such as a paperclip.

It is possible to modify almost all the router's settings and functions once logged into the router's configuration utility. This includes changing the router's wireless network name, security scheme and password. It is often a good idea to make changes to the wireless network settings with a device that is attached to the router with an Ethernet cable rather than over the wireless network. This avoids the possibility of losing the connection to the router if something goes wrong when you are changing the wireless settings.

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