How Do You Lock Your WiFi?

How Do You Lock Your WiFi?

Lock your Wi-Fi connection by changing all default security settings on the home or business network. These settings are accessible using the network router's administrative console.

  1. Access the administrative console

    Type in the router's IP address, found either in the instruction manual or on the manufacturer's website, directly into the address bar for the Web browser. The address is the default setting for routers, but verify the address from the manufacturer information. In the administrative console, the default settings are changed.

  2. Change the default password

    "Admin" is the password associated by default with routers. Change it to something unique. The best passwords have a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Make sure both the Wi-Fi password and the router administrator password are changed, if they are not the same for log-in purposes.

  3. Choose a different SSID

    The SSID, or Service Set ID, for a network is often associated with the generic name of the router. Giving the network a unique name indicates to potential hackers that the passwords may not be generic. Encrypted passwords are tougher for hackers to decipher.

  4. Deter WAN requests

    Outside Internet users cannot see the network if WAN requests are blocked. A hacker has to plug into the wireless router to make changes to the security protocols of the network. Disabling remote connection also blocks outside users from submitting changes to the Wi-Fi network.