How Do You Find the Location of a Mobile Number?

To find the location of a mobile phone number, use a geolocation app or service, such as Life360 or AccuTracking. These services are opt-in only and require cellphone owners to consent to having their locations disclosed. To find the location where a cellphone is registered, use a reverse phone number search service, such as

Life360 is a mobile app distributed by Loc-Aid. The company partners with telecommunication service providers, such as Sprint and T-Mobile, to provide GPS location information for consenting users. A user must enter an identifying birthdate, and cellphone owners must reply to a text message from the app to consent to tracking. After the recipient has provided consent, the app user can continue to locate the device without further input from the tracked cellphone. The app limits device tracking to 15-minute intervals.

AccuTracking is a subscription service that allows real-time in-browser cellphone tracking. Users must install the AccuTracking software onto a phone to track it. The service provides detailed current and historical data about the location of each enabled cellphone.

Directory information available from reverse phone number look-ups for cellphone users generally only provides limited information compared to landline number searches, and the listed location does not necessarily indicate the current location of the device.