How Do You Locate Old Friends for Free?

How Do You Locate Old Friends for Free?

Social media, including sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is an excellent tool for locating friends and acquaintances. Free Internet resources designed for locating people include and If the person sought has an unusual name, a simple Google search may turn up information about his location. Including a middle name can help narrow the search. Inputting former phone numbers, email or physical addresses into the search engine can also reveal helpful information.

Try searching using variations of the person's name, including nicknames. For women, search both maiden and married surnames.

To locate former classmates, try or a class reunion website. Get in touch with mutual friends who attended the same school to determine if they have current contact information for the person sought. University alumni associations may also provide addresses for former students.

If the person has a special interest or hobby, visit online fan pages or groups to try and track them down. Look at the Friends list of mutual acquaintances to see whether they are connected on Facebook.

For help finding former members of the armed services, try the Buddy Finder service at For further assistance, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Visit the Federal Elections Commission website to find contact information for individuals who contribute to election campaigns. It lists addresses for anyone who gives $250 or more to a candidate in a national election.

In the event that the person cannot be located, it is possible that she is deceased. Search to view published obituaries from across the country.