How Do You Locate a Missing Person?


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To locate a missing person, contact his family and friends, search for clues in his room, use the Internet to find about any recent online activity, contact hospitals and public transport stations, inform the police and post advertisements in newspapers. If required, hire a private investigator.

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When meeting the missing person's family and friends, try to retrace his steps. Find out which friends and family members he communicated with last and identify any personal problems such as drug abuse, debt, relationship issues and mental instability that might have pushed him to run away.

To know the potential whereabouts of the missing person, look through his home or room for clues such as travel tickets, number of bags packed and number of clothes taken. Also, look for clues pertaining to an abusive person or debtor involved with him. Using the Internet, contact people who can help locate the individual.

When posting advertisements in newspapers and fliers and contacting the police, include the missing person's photo, his age and a description. Paste the fliers in public areas such as markets and phone poles, and keep the private investigator as a last option to locate a missing person as it is expensive to hire one.

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