How Do You Locate Your Lost Phone Without Using a Tracking Application?

To locate your lost Android phone without using a tracking application, use Google's Android Device Manager to locate the phone. If the phone is an iPhone, log in to, and click on the Find My Phone icon.

For the Android method of locating a phone to work, the phone must have a connection to a Google account, access to the Internet, permission for the Android Device Manager to locate the device, and permission for the device manager to erase data and lock the device. With these criteria met, the process only requires logging into your registered Google account and using the Android Device Manager. Using the search words 'where is my phone" also displays the phone but offers fewer features than the Android Device Manager. If an account has more than one device registered to it, you must select the missing device.

For an iPhone, the process resembles that of an Android phone. Once logged into the iCloud, click Find My Phone, and select the missing device. The locate function does not work if the phone information has been erased, so only erase it as a last resort.

Additionally, an iPhone or Android phone may be found using the Google search method, which relies on Google’s location history to determine its last location.