How Do You Find Local Computer Classes?

How Do You Find Local Computer Classes?

It is possible to find local computer classes through a city's library, notes the Cuyahoga County Public Library. These classes are usually free, but require students to register about a month beforehand. Some classes may also require students to be 18 years of age or older.

Another option for finding classes is through a community college. Some colleges offer free computer classes to adults and senior students as long as they are county residents, notes Lorain County Community College. Finding specific classes at a college or library and getting registered is usually a straightforward process.

  1. Contact the school or library
  2. Contact the local library or community college. Either go in person and speak with someone at the information desk or call by phone. Ask if free computer classes are being held soon and what ones are available.

  3. Find out requirements
  4. Ask about the requirements to be eligible for the class. Students may need to be local residents, above a certain age or just register before a certain date.

  5. Register and attend
  6. Register for a specific class by providing a name, phone number and other contact information. Find out when the class is held and how many times a week. Attend the class on the first day.