How Do You Loan Kindle Books?


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To loan a Kindle book, first you have to own a lendable book. Only select titles are available to be loaned. Indicate your desire to loan the book to a particular person either on the product detail page or from the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page.

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  1. Be certain the Kindle book is lendable

    Whether a Kindle book is lendable or not is clearly indicated in the product description. Some independent websites have listings to make it easy to find these books. However, the only real authority is the Amazon website product description.

  2. Find the book on the Amazon website

    The website indicates that you own the title. Click the button indicating you wish to loan the title. You are taken to the "Loan This Book" page.

  3. Provide the recipient's e-mail address

    Once you are on the "Loan This Book" page, enter the recipient's e-mail address and a message, if desired. The recipient receives the e-mail with a link to download the book. When it is downloaded, you do not have access to the content of the book until it is returned.

  4. Remind recipient to open the link

    The recipient has only seven days to open the link, or the content returns to you. If a few days have passed without the link being opened, a gentle reminder about the loaned content is not out of place.

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