How Do You Load Polaroid 600 Film?

How Do You Load Polaroid 600 Film?

To load Polaroid 600 film into a Polaroid 600 camera, push the latch marked with an arrow forward to open the film door, then carefully slide the film cartridge onto the camera, and close the film door. If done properly, the film cover ejects from the camera and the picture counter should be set at 10.

  1. Open the camera

    Locate the latch on the Polaroid 600 camera. It can be found on the left side of the camera when the camera is facing you. The latch has an has an arrow on it. Push the arrow forward to open the film door.

  2. Open the film package

    Carefully open the package of film, lifting it out of the package by touching only the sides of the cartridge.

  3. Load the film into the camera

    Turn the film cartridge so that the printed side is facing up, and slide it into the camera. It should slide easily into the film compartment. If not, you may have inserted it backwards or it may not be pushed in all the way.

  4. Close the film door

    The film door should close easily if the film is loaded properly. Once loaded, the film cover automatically ejects, and the picture counter sets at 10. You are now ready to take pictures.