How Do You View Live Webcams?

The most popular website for viewing live webcams online is EarthCam has a massive library of webcams from around the world available for high-quality streaming online. Other popular webcam streaming sites are and Each of them has comprehensive lists of hundreds of live webcams in multiple categories, compiled from search engines and user submissions.

Each of these sites offers webcams in many categories, including entertainment, animals, traffic, weather and beach. They each allow worldwide searches for viewers to find a webcam from anywhere in the world. Certain streams allow users to pan, tilt and zoom the camera from within the streaming widget in real time. Opentopia allows users to view the webcam either as a refreshing picture, in a Java viewer or as a live feed of images. The site also allows users to view past screenshots in three-hour intervals. and EarthCam.xom are two of the few webcam streaming sites that include a rating feature. Each broadcast includes a star rating and allows users to cast a vote of their own. Opentopia also has a comments feature, with a comment section on each stream. HDOnTap also offers live streaming services and solutions, including cloud hosted streaming and streaming hardware packages.