What Is Live Aquarium Wallpaper?


Live aquarium wallpapers, virtual aquarium simulations and screensavers are related services that provide a customizable three-dimensional underwater scene. One such service provider, Sim Aquarium, advertises a variety of fish and backgrounds available and includes interactive functionality. These fish can be fed with the click of a button and respond to user input by swimming to avoid the mouse pointer.

Live aquarium wallpapers and screensavers are available on virtually every platform, including mobile. Companies such as Dream Aquarium boast that the fish have been programmed with artificial intelligence, allowing them to mimic the behavior of live fish perfectly. Most three-dimensional aquariums focus on the inclusion of brightly colored, visually appealing tropical fish, but many also include the option to add crabs, anemones and other sea creatures into the virtual fish tank. It is also possible to choose a background that simulates the ocean or a pond rather than an aquarium. Some applications, such as Wa Kingyo, are designed to help users relax, providing a virtual version of aquarium therapy without the stress and expense of maintaining an aquarium. Others, such as Pocket Pond HD, provide additional interactive functionality, allowing users to catch fish and frogs. Tap Fish introduces a more realistic aquarium experience in which the fish must be cared for and bred.