What Is Little Brownie's EBudde Service?


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The eBudde service from Little Brownie Bakers allows Girl Scout troop leaders, members and parents to promote and manage Girl Scout cookie sales. The system allows for online orders from customers with sales management and fulfillment tools for the Girl Scout troop.

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Little Brownie Bakers is a company that bakes Girl Scout cookies. The eBudde software is the digital ordering system created by Little Brownie Bakers, which allows Girl Scout councils served by the company to order cookies. Little Brownie Bakers collaborated with the Girl Scouts of the USA to integrate the eBudde software with the Digital Cookie platform used by consumers who want to purchase Girl Scout cookies.

When customers order cookies through the Digital Cookie platform, the order moves into the eBudde program. The Girl Scout troop leaders see those orders and knows when they need to deliver the cookies. The system also allows customers to have cookies shipped directly to them. Little Brownie Bakers handles the shipment, but the order still shows up in the eBudde system for tracking and management purposes.

The troop leader sets up her Girl Scout members in the eBudde system before they can log in. The leader provides IDs and passwords to the girls. The system allows Girl Scouts to set up individual sales pages for online sales.

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