How Do You List Something on Craigslist?

How Do You List Something on Craigslist?

To list something on, go to the website's home page, choose the correct location and select the option to post a new classified advertisement. Next, select a category, enter a title, description text and contact information and then review and confirm the posting.

To post a new advertisement on, run through the following steps.

  1. Visit the Craigslist home page
  2. Enter into a Web browser to go to the website.

  3. Select a location
  4. Select a specific location to post an ad for that area.

  5. Start a new classified ad
  6. Click on the option to post to classifieds.

  7. Choose a category
  8. Choose a relevant category for the advertisement.

  9. Enter the post details
  10. Add a title, a description and contact information. Keep titles informative, but as short as possible. In the description, focus on the details and keep things brief. Ideally, use lists to make the description easier to read. When offering items for sale, include a price. Ask for the higher end of the desired price range, as prospective Craigslist buyers tend to bargain.

  11. Add images (optional)
  12. After confirming the title and item details, Craigslist offers an option to add photos to the post. When adding photos, stick to realistic images that are not too distracting.

  13. Review and confirm the post
  14. Review the post and ensure that all details are correct. Submit the post and check the email account used to create the post. Click on the confirmation link included in Craigslist's email to complete the post.