Is There a List of Cellphone Providers Who Allow Unlimited International Calls?


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Whether a cell phone provider allows unlimited international calls will depend on the specific plan chosen, so there is not one overall list available. Some providers, such as Straight Talk, may limit the countries available, while others may require an extra fee, such as Boost Mobile. Customers interested in unlimited phone calls should contact providers directly to determine the best plan for them.

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Text messaging is one way for customers to have unlimited contact with others internationally without having to spend extra money. For example, T-Mobile does not offer unlimited international calls, as of 2015. However, it does allow unlimited text messaging to more than 120 countries on its Simple Choice Plan. International calls cost 20 cents per minute as of 2015.

Some cellular providers offer unlimited international calls to a specific set of countries. For example, Straight Talk offers a plan with unlimited calls to India, Mexico, China and Canada. The company also offers low per minute rates to anywhere in the world.

Some plans may require an extra monthly fee. For example, for an extra fee every month, Boost Mobile allows cellphone customers unlimited calls to landlines located in more than 70 countries, including France, Mexico, Brazil and Israel. Customers also receive unlimited text messaging and low rates per minute for calls to more than 200 countries.

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